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Council & Board of Supervisors

Xuzhou Museum Council


Han Feng  Director-general

    Bachelor degree. He served successively as secretary of the Youth League committee of Xuzhou Culture Bureau, director and secretary of the Youth League committee of press and publication (copyright) of Xuzhou Culture Bureau, office director of Xuzhou Culture Bureau, deputy director general and member of Party committee of Xuzhou Culture Bureau, deputy director general and member of Party committee of Xuzhou Culture, Radio, Film, Press and Publication Bureau. He is the deputy director general and member of Party committee of Xuzhou Culture, Radio and Film Bureau and Tourism Bureau.


Li Xiaojun  Deputy Director-general

    CPC member, bachelor degree. In December 2004, he started to work. Since March 2017, he has been the director and party branch secretary of Xuzhou museum. He served successively as deputy director of Xuzhou culture and art institute and office director of Xuzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television bureau. He has published 2 professional papers in provincial journals, hosted (participated in) publishing 1 academic journal, 1 popular science book and 4 exhibition catalogue/anthology.


Jiang Xiaoxiang  Director

    Bachelor degree. He graduated from Jiangsu Normal University majoring in Chinese literature. He severed successively as deputy director of Xuzhou broadcast television channel, chief editor of Xuzhou broadcast and TV newspaper, director of Xuzhou broadcast and TV station marketing and management office, director of marketing center of broadcast and TV media group, Party committee member, deputy director, deputy chief editor of broadcast and TV media group. Now, he sever as deputy secretary of Party committee, deputy general manager of Xuzhou Guanyin international airport.


Wang Fang Director

    Senior teacher of primary and middle schools. In 1992, she graduated from Xuzhou Normal University majoring in biology and taught in Xuzhou No. 6 middle school. At the same time, she severed as deputy secretary of Youth league committee and instructor. In 2001, she worked in Xuzhou Education Bureau, and successively served as the teaching and research member, deputy director and director of moral education department of Xuzhou Education Bureau. Now, she is the director of Xuzhou teacher development center.  


Geng Xiaolong Director

    CPC member, master degree. From October 1981 to October 1999, he served in the army as trainee, political instructor and political associate; In October 1999, he transferred to Xuzhou Tourism Bureau; In 2002, he served as deputy director of planning department of Xuzhou Tourism Bureau; In 2007, he was director of the planning department of Xuzhou Tourism Bureau; In March 2019, he was appointed as director of the resources development department of Xuzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Bureau and Xuzhou Tourism Bureau.


Xu Wenshen Director

    Member of China National Democratic Construction Association, master degree. In October 2012, she graduated from University of Siegen majoring management and market; Since April 2013, she has been working as a German translator in the translation center of foreign affairs office of Xuzhou government. Since November 2015, he has been a member of Xuzhou museum council.


Zhao Mingqi Director

    Graduating from the department of Chinese literature of Jiangsu Normal University in 1978, he continued to stay there as a teacher. From 1984 to 1985, he studied postgraduate program in the department of library of Sun Yat-sen University; In 2006, he participated in the training program organized by the National Cultural Heritage Administration in the department of museum of University of Washington, and served as the academic commissary in the class. Currently he is the curator and research librarian of the museum of Jiangsu Normal University, the professor and master tutor of the school of history, culture and tourism, and the vice president of the Han culture research institute. He is also a counselor of people's government of Xuzhou, vice president of Yunlong academy, executive director of China ancient capital society, director of China Yanhuang culture research association, and member of relevant social organizations of provinces and cities. On July 16, 2019, he was elected as vice president of Jiangsu historical society.


Wangjun Director

    College degree. He graduated from Nanjing University majoring company management. Social duties include: member of Xuzhou People’s Political Consultative Conference, regular committee of Jiangsu Youth Federation, director of Xuzhou catering professional committee, chairman of financial and economic general branch of Xuzhou municipal committee of China National Democratic Construction Association. From September 1991 to August 2000, he was vice general manager of Xuzhou Baihua bookstore; Since January 2016, he has been the chairman of Xuzhou Hemei intelligent central kitchen management co., LTD. Since October 2018, he has been the chairman of Jiangsu Huishenghuo food technology co., LTD.

Jin Lianping Director

    Member of Jiusan Society. He graduated from Jiangsu University of Technology. He severs as general manager of Xuzhou Mogao culture communication co., LTD., vice president of Xuzhou Gallery Association, counselor of Xuzhou Youth Chamber of Commerce, council member of Xuzhou museum council, president of Xuzhou alumni association of Jiangsu University of Technology, council member of Jiangsu cultural industry chamber of commerce, and member of provincial and municipal Youth Federation.


Liu Zhaojian Director

    Bachelor degree, librarian. From August 1996 to May 2004, he severed as archaeological excavation in Xuzhou museum; From May 2004 to September 2012, he successively served as deputy curator of Xuzhou folk custom museum and deputy director of Xuzhou cultural relics management commission office, and engaged in archaeological excavation, cultural relics protection, management and research; From September 2012 to April 2015, he served as the chief of Xuzhou comprehensive law enforcement detachment of cultural administration and engaged in law enforcement, protection and research of cultural relics; Since April 2015, he has served as deputy secretary and deputy curator of Xuzhou museum.

Zong Shizhen Director

    Bachelor degree, deputy librarian. She graduated from Nanjing University majoring cultural relics appraisal. She severs as director of collection department of Xuzhou museum (cultural relics exchange center). He is the member of expert database of Xuzhou Cultural Heritage Bureau and expert advisory committee of Xuzhou CPPCC. He has engaged in cultural relics research, identification, collection and foreign exhibitions for a long time.


Board of Supervisors of Xuzhou Museum


Li Baiquan Deputy secretary of the party committee of Xuzhou Cultural and Tourism Bureau

    CPC member, bachelor degree. He successively severed as deputy director of the science and technology department of Xuzhou Radio and Television Bureau, deputy secretary of the party committee of Xuzhou Cultural, Radio and Tourism Bureau and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection.


Zhangjin  Journalist and Chief editor of Xuzhou Daily

    Patriot without party affiliation, bachelor degree. She graduated from Jiangsu publishing school in 1993, majoring in publishing, and entered Xuzhou daily as a proofreader. She graduated from Nanjing Normal University in 1998, majoring in Chinese language and literature (self-taught examination). From 2003 to 2011, she worked as the editor of cultural supplement in the supplement department of Pengcheng evening news. In 2003, she obtained the national professional technical certificate of publishing, the editor title (intermediate) in 2004, and the chief editor title (deputy senior) in 2010. From 2012 to 2016, she was in charge of culture and reading editing in Pengcheng weekend supplement department. In 2017, she was transferred to Xuzhou Daily as a culture, tourism and health reporter.


Chenzhao Deputy director and deputy research librarian of Xuzhou museum office (Party and mass department)

    He graduated from Nanjing Normal University majoring Chinese language and literature and Jiangsu TV University majoring microcomputer application. Currently, he works for Xuzhou museum as deputy research librarian and deputy director of the office (party and masses department). He has published 8 papers in "Southeast Culture", "Huaihai Culture and Museum" and other publications; 7 papers were submitted to provincial and municipal academic seminars. 30 cultural relic science column articles were written for "Rhyme of China", "Cultural Relic World" and other publications; 10 articles of cultural relics science and technology for the column of Xuzhou Treasure; and he was interviewed by Shandong TV station, Xuzhou TV station and many other media. In 2012, he was awarded the advanced individual of the third national cultural relic survey in Jiangsu province. In 2016, he was awarded the first national advanced collectivity for movable cultural relics census and the first national advanced individual for movable cultural relics census in Jiangsu province.