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Name:bronze mortar, bronze pestle, bronze measuring tool

Time:【Western Han Dynasty】

Size:mortar height 18.2 cm, caliber 16.3 cm, pestle length 56.5, diameter 3 cm, measuring tool length 12.7, 17 cm

Source:Unearthed at the Funeral Pit of Yang Guishan in 2005


The bronze mortar, bronze pestle and bronze measuring tool are unearthed with large bronze mirror, bronze Mou, bronze flat pots and other bath and toilet appliances. The inscription on the bronze mortar indicates that it is a device used to mash drugs. They may be used for bathing, and may be used to make and weigh bathing medicines, confirming that the health medicinal bath was really popular among the nobles of the Chu in the Western Han Dynasty and they attached great importance to health care and enjoy life.