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Name:Copper dagger-axe

Time:【Western Han Dynasty】

Size:19 cm wide, 13.6 cm long

Source:Unearthed from the Tomb of Wanquhou in Boji Mountain in 1994


Copper dagger-axe is sharp, direct assistance, straight inside. The cross section is made of almonds, with dead wood in memory. There were traces of bundling through the urn. Copper dagger-axe was originally wrapped in fabric with black lacquer on the outside. The wood hoe is dead. It is on the north side of dagger-axe, 1.18 meters away from it. It is thick and thin, hoofed and foot-like, hollow, and the body is silver, like cloud patterns and geometric patterns. A similarly shaped copper dagger-axe was also found in the funerary burial pit of the tomb of the King of Han Dynasty in Linzi, and a total of two gilt copper dagger-axe was unearthed, 186 cm long. Dagger-axe is wearing three long hustle, with a small song, and a golden urn running through the upper and lower hus, and a urn crested on the urn. The wooden urn is dead, and the urn is covered with gold. The two gold gilt copper dagger-axe and cymbals are in the same shape as the gold gilt copper dagger-axe and cymbals unearthed in the National Museum of China and unearthed in Zibo City, Shandong province from 1978 to 1980. It can be seen that the decoration of the look-back bird on the top of the copper dagger-axe magpie and the moire decoration on the magpie were more popular in the Western Han Dynasty. This type of copper dagger-axe is chic and richly decorated, and it is likely to be a ceremonial weapon.