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Name:Li Keran Pasturing Cow under Banyan

Time:【The Modern Times】


Source:Donated by Li Keran



       Li Keran was born in Xuzhou and he was the master of landscape painting in contemporary society. He studied with Huang Binhong and Qi Baishi. His works combined Chinese skills and western skills of painting together with a concise brush style, astringent technique of coloring and magnificent presence. Li had his own studio named “Shiniu Tang” by himself. He was modest with seal of “3000-bad-paintings”. The white space of this painting is the pond under banyan. There are 2 cows in the pond, and a cowboy on the back of a cow. For this painting, Li was generous with ink, therefore, the wet, dry and shade of the ink present the dim, bright and density of banyan shade.