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Organizational structure

Library leaders:

Curator and Secretary of the General Party Branch: Li Xiaojun

Preside over the overall work of the museum. To be responsible for the construction of the Party's ideology, organization, style and system and the construction of the Party's style and clean government; Responsible for the personnel and financial work of cadres. In charge of the office and the party-masses personnel department.

Deputy curator, deputy secretary and trade union chairman: Liu Zhaojian

Responsible for the protection of cultural relics, academic research, information media, cultural creativity and the work of young workers. In charge of the Ministry of Culture, Science and Technology, the Department of Scientific Research, and the Department of Information and Media (the Department of Culture and Creativity).

Deputy curator: Yuan Feng

Responsible for archaeological excavation and engineering infrastructure. In charge of Archaeology Department and Engineering Management Department.

Deputy curator: Huang Yumin

Responsible for free opening, public services, safe production, stable letters and visits, and spiritual civilization construction. In charge of the Social Service Department, the Security Department, the Management Office of the Han Dynasty Stone Art Museum, and the Management Office of the Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum.
Deputy curator: Zong Shizhen
Responsible for collection management, display and exhibition. In charge of the Collection Department (Cultural Relics Exchange Department) and the Exhibition Department.


To review and put forward suggestions on the revision of the Articles of Association of the Museum; To review the library's business development plan, financial budget and final account, and management work report; Examine and approve the plans of major business activities and main internal management systems of the library; Draw up the plan for the establishment of internal institutions or branches of the library; Supervise the implementation of the Board's resolutions by the management.

Academic Committee:

Deliberate the development plan of museum business, and put forward reasonable suggestions and suggestions to promote the development of museum business; Examine and approve the application of various scientific research projects, and review the scientific research achievement award of the library; Decide the rules for handling academic disputes, guide and organize academic moral education activities, accept reports of academic misconduct and organize investigations, review and adjudicate academic disputes and academic misconduct; Review the academic achievement materials of the staff of the library applying for professional titles; Review and identify scientific research awards and supervise the use of scientific research funds.


Undertake the daily operation of the unit, and undertake the work of message, conference, confidential information, archives, government affairs, reception, logistics, security, finance and asset management; To draw up the overall plan for the development of the museum industry; Undertake the daily work of Xuzhou Museum Council and Board of Supervisors.

Party-Masses Personnel Department:

Undertake the work of Party and mass, education and training; Assist in the organization establishment, cadre personnel and labor wage; Undertake the work of retirees.

Collection Department (Cultural Relics Exchange Department):

To undertake the identification, collection, donation, transfer and collection of various cultural relics; Undertake the work of cataloguing, accounting, filing, statistics, storage and research of collections; Undertake the management of account books of cultural relics, various cultural relics archives and cultural relics warehouses; Responsible for the publicity, promotion, exhibition planning, contact, exhibition arrangement and withdrawal of foreign exchange exhibitions.

Department of Archaeology:

Undertake all kinds of archaeological survey, exploration and excavation work carried out in cooperation with urban infrastructure and key national, provincial and municipal projects throughout the city; Undertake the academic research of archaeology in the city; Draw up the plan of archaeological work projects in the city; Assist in the basic work such as the protection of cultural relics focusing on large sites.

Ministry of Culture, Security and Technology:

Undertake the protection and restoration of the collection and unearthed cultural relics, scientific and technological research, and the construction of the environmental monitoring system platform for the preservation of cultural relics in the collection; Undertake the protection of cultural relics at archaeological excavation sites and the collection and protection of important relics; To undertake the archives management of cultural relics protection units at all levels under the jurisdiction of the museum; Undertake the construction of Xuzhou Workstation, a key scientific research base of the National Cutural Heritage Administration for the protection of brick and stone cultural relics, and relevant teaching and scientific research bases, and carry out academic exchanges and cooperation.

Exhibition Department:

Responsible for the planning, design, production and related work of exhibition; Undertake academic research in exhibition related fields; Be responsible for the supervision, layout, update and maintenance of public service advertising and public facilities sign guide system in the museum area; Responsible for the management of exhibition archives.

Social Service Department:

Undertake free opening, window service, audience reservation, interpretation and reception, etc; Undertake various social education, research, study and travel activities; To undertake the recruitment and management of museum volunteers; Undertake the joint construction of community organizations and libraries and schools; Undertake the survey of audience satisfaction, collect and feedback audience opinions and suggestions; Undertake cultural tourism and cultural tourism brand promotion and other related work.

Information and Media Department (Cultural and Creative Department):

Undertake the procurement, subscription, cataloging and management of books, periodicals, newspapers and digital information materials; Undertake project archives management and borrowing of books and materials; Undertake network operation, maintenance and network security management; Undertake the construction of smart museum; Undertake information publicity, social promotion and other work; Authorize the commercial use of the copyright, trademark right and brand of the library resources in accordance with laws and regulations.

Department of Scientific Research:

Participate in the preparation of scientific research work planning, overall management of scientific research work and the solicitation, editing and publication of internal publications; To handle the daily affairs of the Academic Committee; Assist in the application, management and award of various scientific research projects and research topics at all levels; Responsible for planning, organizing and publishing various academic monographs, research catalogues, and organizing various academic activities.

Security Department:

Undertake the formulation of security and fire safety management system to ensure the safety of personnel, cultural relics and property; Undertake the comprehensive management of social security within the scope; Be responsible for the preparation and implementation of various emergency plans; Undertake personnel safety education and training and daily management of security team; Undertake the daily maintenance, maintenance and testing of safety (fire) protection and lightning protection facilities and equipment within the scope.

Engineering Management Department:

Undertake the daily operation, management and maintenance of public equipment and infrastructure; Assist in the investigation, planning, budget and final account of infrastructure construction projects and the organization, management and acceptance of construction quality; Assist in the management of major project bidding procurement.

Management Office of the Stone Art Museum of the Han Dynasty:

To be responsible for the organization, coordination and management of the daily work of the Han Stone Art Museum; Undertake interpretation and tourist reception services as well as security, sanitation and environmental improvement; Undertake the safety and maintenance of cultural relics, facilities and equipment of the Han Dynasty Stone Art Museum.

Management Office of Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum:

Undertake the organization and coordination of the daily work of various celebrity art museums, such as Weitianchi Calligraphy Museum, Zhao Xucheng Art Museum, Li Keran Art Center, and the safety and maintenance of collections, facilities and equipment; Undertake interpretation and tourist reception services as well as security, sanitation and environmental improvement.