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Speech by the curator

We are committed to building a good city living room, telling good stories of Xuzhou and spreading the voice of Xuzhou.
Welcome to Xuzhou Museum!

Xuzhou, known as Pengcheng in ancient times, has been one of the nine states in China since ancient times. It is a national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 5000 years of civilization and 2600 years of urban construction; Xuzhou is the "hometown of Pengzu, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu", the capital of Chu State in the Western Han Dynasty and Pengcheng State in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and enjoys the reputation of "viewing Xuzhou from the culture of the Han Dynasty".

The museum is the cultural card of a city, which carries the important functions of telling the regional civilization, inheriting the historical context, and cultivating the city's character. Xuzhou Museum is a comprehensive museum for collecting, displaying, researching and disseminating Xuzhou history, culture and art. We adhere to the policy of "protection first, strengthen management, excavate value, effectively use and make cultural relics live", adhere to the concept of "open the wall and open the door", and build a mobile borderless museum. On the new journey of promoting the high-quality development of the museum, we will take the protection of cultural relics as the foundation, consolidate the foundation, innovate management, and effectively improve the level of transformation and utilization of cultural relics; Guided by public demand, carefully curate exhibitions, innovate activities, and continue to expand the radiation of public cultural services of museums; Relying on "Internet plus", keep pace with the times, innovate means, and constantly launch diversified cultural products; With the system construction as the guarantee, forge the team, innovate the mechanism, and constantly stimulate the museum's sustainable development ability.

As an important window for spreading the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and foreign cultural exchanges, we are committed to building a good living room in the city, telling a good story of Xuzhou, and spreading the voice of Xuzhou.
Welcome to Xuzhou Museum!

Li Xiaojun, curator of Xuzhou Museum

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