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Established in 1959, Xuzhou museum is located in Yunlongshan scenery area. The whole exhibition area consists of the main exhibition building,   the East Han family tombs of the king of Peng Cheng, the palace of emperor Qianlong, the monument garden and quarry site of Han dynasty, which is the only modern local comprehensive museum in China that combines museum construction with tombs and sites, and is also regarded as the national, provincial and municipal protection unit. It covers an area of 40,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters and a display area of 6,500 square meters.

        The basic exhibition of Xuzhou museum is mainly divided into “Ancient Pengcheng —— Xuzhou History and Culture Exhibition”, “Development of Han Dynasty —— Xuzhou Han Dynasty Cultural Relics Exhibition”, “People’s Livelihood in Han Dynasty —— Cultural Relics of Han Dynasty Exhibition”, “Exquisite Jade of Han Dynasty —— Jade Exhibition”, “Gold Daggers and Iron Horses —— Ancient Weapon Exhibition”, “Exquisite Pottery Figurine —— Pottery Figurine Exhibition”, “Quarry Site of West Han Dynasty”, “Qianlong Palace and Monument Garden”, historical inscription display and others. More than 5000 valuable cultural relics have been displayed.

Among them, the audience can personally feel the extraordinary years of gold dagger and iron horses, experience the remarkable brilliance of Han culture, praise the exquisite craft of Han jade and appreciate the beautiful and lively dance of the royal family. Each cultural relic is like a bright pearl, gathering here and shinning brightly in the long history of five or six thousand years. Xuzhou museum warmly welcomes every visitor, and is willing to bring you the joy and beauty of discovery!