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2019 Xuzhou Museum Volunteer Team Outstanding Volunteers and Excellent Organization "Cloud Commendation" Conference
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      The volunteer team of Xuzhou Museum always upholds the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress". In the Lei Feng Learning Month in 2020, let us look back on 2019-a full year of the volunteer team.

      This year, our team is also growing. At present, we have 14 college community volunteer teams and more than 60 social volunteers. The total number of volunteers has reached more than 800. In this year, everyone actively participated in various types of volunteer service activities in civilized guidance, front desk consultation, volunteer explanations and activities outside the venue, etc., bringing warmth to the Xuzhou Museum and letting visitors feel Xu Bo's hospitality. Thanks for their dedication.

volunteers at the entrance of Qianlong Palace

volunteers in the exhibition hall

Every day volunteers assign positions and tasks

      This year, we launched the "Xuzhou Treasure 'Let's Get Together' - Xuzhou Museum Volunteer Community Trip" project in Guandao community square, insisting on popularizing cultural knowledge for community residents for one year to attract more tourists to visit the Museum. The project also won the "Gold Award Project" at the 4th Jiangsu Provincial Volunteer Service Exchange Conference. At the same time, volunteer Liu Ying made a wonderful volunteer lecture to the counterparts and the audience in the province.

 "Xuzhou Treasure 'Let's Get Together' - Xuzhou Museum Volunteer Community Trip" project

      This year, we successfully held the "Xuzhou Treasure-I am a national treasure guardian" selection competition, and nearly 1,000 children participated in it. The final selection of the "national treasure guardian" also enriched our children volunteer Team.

"Xuzhou Treasure----I am a national treasure guardian" selection competition, a group photo volunteers and organizers

      This year, we organized nearly 100 volunteer lectures. Many tourists came to Xubo on weekends to listen to the explanations. The volunteer explanation team became the unique scenery of Xubo on the weekend.

Volunteer lecturer Hao Xinyao

      This year, we cooperated with the collection and archaeology department of Xuzhou Museum to catalogue cultural relics; participated in the volunteer service of Xuzhou Yunlongshan Mountaineering Festival. Our team, walking out of the venue, also retained volunteer tradition.

Cooperate with the collection of cultural relics materials of the Xuzhou Museum Collection and Archaeology Department

Party comrades of our library participated in the volunteer service activities of Yunlongshan Mountaineering Festival

      This year, our volunteers took the exhibition board and walked into various universities, enterprises and communities, completing the task of knowledge popularization and publicity.

Volunteers bring exhibition boards into Wanbang Pharmaceutical

      This year, volunteers participated in the 5.18 International Museum Day series of activities, 6.8 cultural and natural heritage day and night events and 9.28 National Day performances, and their wonderful performances left a deep impression on the audience.


Volunteers' performance in the 5.18 International Museum Day series of activities

Volunteers Guo Yujian, Hao Xinyao, Bi Zhirong and Li Zhi participated in the performance

      This year, volunteers also participated in the cultural "Going to the Countryside" activity. Together we brought the brochure and cultural relics into Tiefu Town of Pizhou City to promote it. On the coldest day of 2019, it was given to local residents. Bring them an "immersive" cultural experience

      This year, volunteer teams from peer units such as Wuxi Museum, Luoyang Tianzi Jialiu Museum visited to exchange; we organized annual volunteer trips. Volunteers learned historical knowledge at the Lianyungang Museum and gained more experience.


Volunteer Miles-Visit Lianyungang Museum

 Volunteer recognition list

Individual award

"Top Ten Volunteers" in 2019

Rao Yuexuan Li Haiyang Feng Zhe Wei Chaofan Jiang Xinyu

Dong Qian Wu Aoyue Wu Jing Zhang Longbao Miao Yiqiang


2019 Excellent Volunteer

Chen Chunlu Cheng Yao Sun Minwen Zhou Yuan Zhou Aling

Guo Haoyu He Qingyuan Xu Chunchun Liu Linlin Wu Wei


2019 "Volunteer Service Star"

Ma Wenjing Wang Yuanyuan Zhao Miao Wei Yiman Liang Xiaoxiao

Bai Yuting Cheng Junsheng Wu Binghan Sun Yang Qian Yongkang


2019 "Special Contribution Award"

Hao Xinyao Liu Xiaohong Bi Zhirong Guo Yujian

Li Zhizhi Yu Yuanzhou Wish Congratulations Zhang Xinquan


Collective award

2019 "Best Organization Award"

Xuzhou Medical College Anesthesia Youth Volunteer Team

Youth Association of China University of Mining and Technology

Siyuan Society of China University of Mining and Technology

Youth Volunteers Association of Xuhai College, China University of Mining and Technology

Jiangsu Normal University Yiyuan Youth Volunteer Service Team

Jiangsu Normal University cryolite volunteer service team

Youth Volunteers Association of Xuzhou Institute of Technology

Volunteer Service Team of Xuzhou Institute of Technology

Xuzhou Senior Middle School Volunteer Service Team


Special Award

2019 "Xuzhou Treasure Comes"

Outstanding Cultural Volunteer

Hao Xinyao Sun Meng Dong Lei Jiang Nianshi

Wen Junfang Liu Ying Li Honglian

      2019 is not only the experience of this year, but also the epitome of years of voluntary service. Let us congratulate the outstanding volunteers and teams who have won honors, learn from them, and practice the volunteer spirit of selfless dedication! May we not forget our original intentions, forge ahead, join hands, and continue to move side by side on the road of volunteer service!

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