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The Fine Cultural Relics Digital Protection Project of Han Dynasty in Xuzhou Museum Passed the Final Acceptance
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      On May 26, 2020, experts of Jiangsu Administration of Cultural Heritage inspected the cultural relics digital project of Han dynasty in Xuzhou museum. The expert group listened to the report, reviewed the project results and project material, and through questions and discussion, they agreed that the project achieved the requirements of the tender documents and contract and suggested that the project should pass the final acceptance.

      The digital protection project of Xuzhou Museum's Fine Cultural relics of Han Dynasty is 2018 key cultural relic protection project approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.Since the project was approved, Xuzhou Museum has carefully organized the implementation of the project. By optimizing and demonstrating the  plan, strengthening management, and strictly controlling the quality of the project, all construction contents of the project have been completed with high quality. The project completed 2D and 3D digital collection and processing of 36 pieces of fine cultural relics of Han Dynasty. The project has built the cultural relics digital protection bus system, digital resource management system, offline multimedia touch display system, online cultural relics virtual display system, cultural relics display and guide application and other applications in the museum. Digital cultural relic resources collected by the project have been put into use in product development of cultural creation and social education, and it is also used in the publicity documentary shooting. The online and offline display system was fully released and was selected into the "Online Museum Exhibition" platform of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, which makes the fine cultural relics of the Han Dynasty in Xuzhou Museum deeply interpreted in multi-dimensions, realizes the sharing of digital resources of cultural relics in the museum, and fully displays the historical, artistic and scientific value of the fine cultural relics of the Han Dynasty in Xuzhou Museum to the public. Meanwhile, it enriches the technological protection methods of cultural relics and plays a good role in publicity and promotion. The construction of the museum information and setting up the digital resource management platform, and the centralized and unified management of all kinds of information resources in the process of cultural relics protection, management and utilization provides data and technical support for the protection and management of cultural relics, exhibition and publicity, and further promotes and improves the digital protection and management level of Xuzhou Museum.

      Next step, Xuzhou Museum will continue to strengthen the promotion and application of the achievements of the digital project, and give full play to the effects of the project. At the same time, Xuzhou Museum will, in line with the latest guidelines and policies of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for the digital protection of cultural relics, will do a good program in digital project construction, scientifically compile digital construction plans, further introduce digital products with its own characteristics, actively expand online services for cultural relics, and promote the revitalization of cultural relics resources. Xuzhou Museum will tell the story of Han cultures of Xuzhou, and make a contribution to the development of Han culture brand and the development of world-class Han culture heritage and make Xuzhou become a tourism destination of Han culture.


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