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Xuzhou Museum Special Research Deployment to Promote World-class Chinese Cultural Heritage and Tourism Destination Construction
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      In order to implement the requirements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to build a world-class cultural heritage and deployment of tourist destinations, and vigorously promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China's excellent traditional culture, Xuzhou Museum held a meeting on March 26, 2020, and the special research deployment promoted the world-class inheritance of Chinese culture and the construction of tourist destinations. At the meeting, the Leading Group of Xuzhou Museum to Promote World-Class Chinese Cultural Heritage and Tourism Destination Construction and the Xuzhou Han Cultural Resources Survey Working Group were established, and the "Working Plan of Xuzhou Museum to Promote World-Class Chinese Cultural Heritage and Tourism Destination Construction" was issued. "Working Plan of Xuzhou Han Cultural Resources Survey", the participants discussed in depth how Xuzhou Museum should be based on its own position and make positive contributions to the promotion of world-class Han cultural heritage and tourism destination construction.

The meeting proposed that in accordance with the general requirements of engineering design and project promotion, from 2020 to 2022, adhere to the collection of the Han Dynasty cultural relics as the core element, and take the creation of the "Tide of Han Culture" brand as the guide, and fully insert the Chinese cultural elements into the display In the fields of exhibition, cultural creativity, social education, academic research, cultural tourism, etc. We have vigorously implemented scene innovation, launched a variety of Chinese cultural experience spaces, and transformed Xuzhou Museum into a highlight of Chinese culture display and a heritage and tourism destination of Chinese cultur

Firstly, implement a survey project of Chinese cultural resources. A comprehensive survey of the Han Dynasty material cultural relics and Xuzhou Han culture-related literature resources will be launched, and it is planned to form the "Xuzhou Han Cultural Resources Survey Report" in August 2020.

Secondly, implement of major project construction projects. During the year, the "Tiangong Hanyu" exhibition hall upgrading and reconstruction project will be completed, and the construction of the Qianlong Palace and the Stele Garden upgrade, the Tushan Pengcheng Wanghan Tomb Archaeological Museum and other projects will be promoted.

Thirdly, implement the "Tide of Han Culture" brand building project. During the year, the Han Yizhantheme cultural and creative experience area, the Hanjia NishangHanfu experience hall, and the Hanjia dailyresearch and study area were established; several national tide Hanfengwere built in scenic spots, cultural venues, and cultural industrial parks throughout the city Space, cultivate tide of Han life experience cluster, and create a new scene of Xuzhou Han Culture and Cultural Tourism.

Fourthly, implement an academic research interpretation project. Within 3 years, 2-3 original exhibitions of cultural relics of the Han Dynasty, 3-4 archaeological briefs and archaeological reports of Xuzhou Han tombs, 3-4 major collections of cultural relics such as "Xuzhou Hanyu" and "Xuzhou Bronze Mirror" were launched, planning Hold 2-3 academic forums or seminars on Chinese culture.

Fifthly, implement cultural exchange and communication projects. Study and formulate the "Three-year Promotion Plan for the Exhibition of Fine Cultural Relics of the Han Dynasty in Xuzhou Museum" to promote the "going out" of cultural relics in the Han Dynasty. Within 3 years, the cultural relics of the Han Dynasty will be displayed in Russia, Canada and Germany. The "Xuzhou Han Culture Knowledge Service Platform" was built and opened, and the folding postcard "Han Feng Treasure" and the special documentary "Great Han Meteorology" were launched.

On how to grasp the implementation of the next step, Director Li Xiaojun emphasized five suggestions:

The first is to improve the work station. Recognize high, unify the thinking into this important decision-making and deployment of the municipal party committee and government, be duty-bound and take the initiative; start high, jump out of the museum to see the museum, stand at the global level to see the museum; high standards, high-quality planning and implementation of Han Tasks such as cultural carding investigation, project construction and event promotion.

The second is to adhere to the problem-oriented. On the basis of answering our "what and what's missing" questions, we will focus on thinking and solving the "how to do" question, fully understand the Han cultural background, fill in shortcomings and deficiencies, and promote various construction projects in a project-oriented manner.

The third is to integrate development factors. Integrate elements such as Chinese cultural resources around the museum, cultural relics resources and talents superior resources, and rely on projects, activities, spaces, products and other performance styles to achieve the concentrated presentation of Chinese culture.

The fourth is to establish brand awareness. Overall implementation of the strategic brand of "Building a World-Class Chinese Cultural Heritage and Tourism Destination", "National Tide and Hanfeng" Event Brand, and "Digital Museum" Marketing Brand to enhance the museum's influence on Chinese culture.

The fifth is to improve the promotion mechanism. Leaders are in place, the main leaders are in charge, the leaders are responsible for the division of labor, and the specific responsibilities of each department are in place; responsibilities are in place to further improve the work plan and refine the list of responsibilities; implement in place, establish a dispatch supervision mechanism, follow-up and effectiveness mechanism, and the implement and completion of the project are included in the overall evaluation of the year-end performance assessment.

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