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Work Plan in 2019

It is the 60th anniversary of the Xuzhou Museum in2019, and it is also a key year to create a national first-class museum. We will take the creation of a national first-class museum and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the building as the main theme, focusing on the implementation of eight projects:

I. Archaeological excavation project. One is the excavation project of Tushan tomb No. 2. Do a good job in the excavation work of Tushan tomb No. 2 , and further refine the excavation plan according to the opinions of the expert group. The main burial chamber will be excavated next year to complete the main excavation work. During the excavation, the public archaeological work and publicity will be strengthened, and positive social benefits will be exerted to enrich the cultural connotation of Xuzhou Han Dynasty and expand the cultural influence of Xuzhou Han Dynasty. The second is a continuous archaeological project. Complete the exploration and investigation of 2018 legacy projects such as Jianguo Road Underground Pipe Gallery and Xuzhou Second Waste Incineration Power Plant. The third is rescue archaeological excavation. Prepare for the protection and excavation of sudden cultural relics in the capital construction, and carry out rescue archaeological excavation. Fourth is the excavation of the mound tomb of Shenjia Village, Xuebu Town, Jintan. Do the archaeological excavation and data collation of the mound tombs in Shenjia Village, Xuebu Town, Jintan.

II. Infrastructure projects. One is to continue to implement the exhibition hall upgrading project. According to the requirements of the upgrading and reconstruction construction plan, the exhibition hall and public space will be renovated, and the new exhibition exhibition will be completed. The construction period is about four months, and then a one-month equipment commissioning and trial operation will be conducted. It is planned to open to the public on May 1, 2019. The second is to implement the environmental improvement project of Qianlong Palace and Stele Garden. Improve the function of the stele garden and the environment for preserving the stele; build new youth education centers, staff activity rooms, restaurants, etc. The third is the promotion of Qianlong Palace and Stele Garden exhibition. Redesign the existing Qianlong Palace exhibition, stone garden stone carving display, etc., and implement exhibition upgrading and reconstruction projects.

III. Exhibition project. Hold 10 temporary exhibitions, continue to implement the curator system, and focus on 3 special exhibitions. One is the special exhibition of ancient Egyptian cultural relics. Do a good job in exhibition planning, Chen outline, form design, cultural and creative research and development, social education, publication of catalogues and other work. The second is homologous co-occurrence-a joint exhibition of cultural relics in the Huanghuai Valley, preparing for the opening ceremony, holding a forum for the directors of the Huaihai Economic Zone Museum, and publishing exhibition books. The third is Zhang Jinshi's three-generation calligraphy and painting exhibition, which will do a good job in exhibition planning, set-up, advertising production, catalog editing and opening ceremony preparations.

IV. Digital information engineering. One is to implement the second-phase construction project of the Wisdom Museum. Starting the second phase of the Wisdom Museum project, building on the Xuzhou Han cultural relics resources, archaeological resources, exhibition resources, cultural relics protection resources, etc., to build a special database of Xuzhou Han cultural resources and build a Chinese cultural knowledge service platform. The second is the digital protection of high-quality cultural relics in the Han Dynasty. Implementation of the National Cultural Relics Administration "Xuzhou Museum Han Dynasty Digital Relics Protection Project". The third is publicity and promotion. A 50-episode "Xuzhou Treasure" column was launched, the project was closed, and a series of activities were organized and relied on the project.

V. Cultural Protection Technology Project. One is the protection and restoration project of painted pottery figurines unearthed from the Tomb of Chu King in Beidong Mountain. Completion of the restoration amount, application for acceptance of the final items, and planning to plan the exhibition of protection and restoration of painted pottery figurines unearthed from the Tomb of King Chu of Beidong Mountain. The second is the construction of scientific research laboratories. Mainly carry out the reconstruction and construction of instrument analysis room, chemical laboratory and cultural relics restoration room. The third is the restoration project of jade coffins unearthed from the tomb of King Chu of Lion Mountain. Determine the restoration plan of the jade coffin unearthed at the tomb of King Chu from Lion Mountain as soon as possible, and complete the restoration of the jade coffin unearthed at the tomb of King Chu from Shizi Mountain.

VI. Scientific research projects. Edited and published "Huaihai Cultural Expo" (Second Series), "Xuzhou Hanyu", "Proceedings of the Han Dynasty Jade International Symposium", "Bronze Mirror Catalogue of Xuzhou Museum Collection" and "Xuzhou Museum Scholars" Plan to hold the Xuzhou Han Dynasty Seal Sealing International Academic Symposium, Xuzhou Han Dynasty Kings Tomb Archaeology Symposium.

VII. Public service projects. One is to improve the level of public service hardware facilities, build a new tourist service center, increase the number of voice guidance equipment, add self-service mobile phone charging equipment, and add a smart ticket gate system, so that audiences can get more convenient, high-quality and intelligent services. The second is to carry out a variety of social education curriculum activities, launch a series of cultural education brands and research education projects in a crowded manner; publish the second volume of children's picture books; combine the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the museum, launch the museum's wonderful night culture and benefit the people activities and a series of youth explanations, paintings, Essay competition, etc. The third is to continue to improve the content of the exhibition three entrances, explain reception, social education, social investigation, tourism promotion, volunteers, friends of museums, etc., and do a good job in social services and social education. The fourth is to expand the scope of co-construction and cooperation of community organizations, standardize the functional responsibilities of volunteers, friends of Xu Bo, and co-construction units, and attract more enthusiasts from all walks of life to join.

VIII. Cultural and creative product upgrading project. One is the intellectual property protection project. Do a good job of registering the development of museum cultural and creative products to form an awareness of intellectual property protection. It is planned to register the trademark after the name change of "Xuzhou Wenbo Art Co., Ltd." At the same time, classify all cultural and creative products, then register 1-2 trademarks, and establish an authorized use trademark system. The second is the cultural relics element extraction project. Complete 30% of cultural relics in the collection of cultural relics to facilitate the design and production of cultural and creative products. The third is cultural and creative product promotion R & D projects. Do a unified product packaging and develop 20-30 new products. The fourth is the third cultural and creative competition. Make a good plan for the third cultural and creative competition, and strive to make the cultural and creative competition the most influential and authoritative cultural and creative competition in the Huaihai Economic Zone.