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Work Report of Xuzhou Museum in 2018

Since the beginning of this year, Xuzhou Museum has seriously implemented the deployment requirements of the state, provinces and cities to strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and inheritance and development, to meet the people ’s growing needs for a better life, and to create a national-level museum as a mission to carry out various Xiang Wenbo's work has promoted 40 key work items in an orderly manner and achieved remarkable results. The 2018 work report is as follows:

I. Achievements in various businesses

1. The orderly management of collections. Standardize collection collection work, set up collection collection committee, and formulate "Xuzhou Museum Collection Collection Management Measures". Do a good job of receiving and registering cultural relics, making books and keeping accounts, and sorting files. Before the end of the year, the calligraphy and painting warehouse delivered 3520 pieces / set, 2438 pieces / set of bronze, 1371 pieces of porcelain, 89 pieces of fossils, and 334 pieces of bones. Complete bidding, procurement, and installation of copper and ironware cabinets, do well in the handover of cultural relics in the copperware warehouse, and produce more than 2,800 pieces of acid-free paper cultural relics. A total of 5 collections were collected this year, including 22 pictures, 7 pieces of iron, 1 piece of bronze, 3 pieces of mirror, 2 pieces of bronze mirror, 1 frame, 1 painting and calligraphy; 1 piece of bronze mirror and 1 sword box were accepted for donation set. The Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics started the "Construction of Cultural Relics Digital Management System Construction Project", and has completed negotiations on specific matters, completed bidding within the year, and established a collection digital management system.

2. Promote archaeological excavation. Focus on the implementation of the Tushan Han Tomb Excavation Project, in accordance with the "Three-year Action Plan for Archaeological Excavation of the Tushan No. 2 Tomb" approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, apply for the 2018 archaeological excavation license, in accordance with the "excavating and finishing" working ideas and "first-class archaeology" ", First-class protection, first-class display, first-class research" overall requirements, the excavation work of Tushan Han tomb goes smoothly. At present, the upper filling of the tomb is cleared, the brick tomb is exposed, two 3D scanning operations are completed, and the protection exhibition and archaeological excavation expert consultation meeting is held to ensure that the Tushan No. 2 Han tomb archaeological excavation is turned into a fine demonstration archaeological project. Completed the high-standard excavation of the Shuanggou winery site and the exploration of the Yanggui Shandong region, and successfully passed the acceptance of the provincial cultural relics bureau. The excavation project of the Shuanggou winery site was awarded "Excellent". Complete the survey data entry of the water cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province and submit the survey report to the Nanjing Museum. The Xuzhou Han Tomb Resources Survey Project was launched to complete some urban surveys. Organized and carried out the Miaotaizi site in Jiawang District, Song Tombs of Xiji Road, Coal Machine West Village, Hanzhuang Tombs of Fangzhuang Town, Daizhuang Town, Pizhou City, the North Dynasty Tomb of Tupen Reservoir in Jiawang District, the tombstone clearing of the Han Tombs of Woniushan and Xinyi City Rescue archaeological excavations such as Qiangou tombs, etc., investigated and explored projects such as New Sparking School in Quanshan District, Jianguo Road Underground Pipe Gallery, Xuzhou Second Waste Incineration Power Plant, Gupeng Plaza Metro Link Project and other projects.

3. Strengthen the protection of cultural relics. A total of 4 cultural relics protection plans were prepared throughout the year, of which 1 was approved by the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and 1 was included in the key cultural relics restoration projects of municipal key projects. Focus on the completion of the protection and restoration of 93 pieces of pottery figurines unearthed from the Tomb of King Chu of Beidong Mountain. The preventive protection project of the cultural relics in the collection (Phase I) was successfully completed and passed the acceptance of the expert group of the provincial bureau. To undertake the inscription protection project of Huai'an District Cultural Protection Institute and finalize the acceptance. Completed the protection and restoration project of Jiawangmiao Taizi Shangzhou house site, completed 36 pieces of painted pottery in Peixian Museum, special exhibitions and touring exhibitions, 136 pieces of pottery figurines, 40 archaeological artifacts unearthed from archaeology, and 132 cultural relics related to upgrading works. , Do a good job in the archaeological excavation of the No. 2 tomb of Tushan and carry out the work of cultural relics protection at the archaeological site. At the same time, it also completed the declaration of the eighth batch of national security units for "Tushan Han Tomb" and "Wu Niushan Tombs 2, 3, and 4".

4. Do a good job in scientific research. Preparing to establish the academic journal "Huaihai Wenbo", the first edition of the "Huaihai Wenbo" contains 39 manuscripts, 250,000 words, has completed the review and editing work, and entered the publishing stage; signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Phoenix Fine Arts Publishing House to set up the Xuzhou project The center has effectively promoted the implementation of the annual scientific research publication project; "Xuzhou Archaeological Data Collection (1953-1985)", "Xuzhou Museum Youth Education Curriculum Collection", "Bronze Mirror Picture Book" and other three books have entered the editing and publishing stage, "Xu Bo Xue The first draft of the two manuscripts of Humanities is basically completed. Published more than 20 papers at provincial level and above in the whole year, including 5 core journals; applied for 3 projects of social science research in Xuzhou and 10 projects for Xuzhou ’s 13th Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award; 1 person went to Japan participated in the "Asian Foundry Technology History Annual Meeting". Successfully held 2 international academic seminars, namely the "Internet + cultural relics information resources" international academic seminar, 2018 China Xuzhou Han Dynasty jade culture international academic seminar, which effectively enhanced the international reputation and influence of Xuzhou Han culture. In particular, the Han Dynasty International Symposium on Jade Culture independently organized by our library has produced a batch of high-quality and high-level academic achievements. It has promoted the study of the Han Dynasty jade culture in depth, and made efforts to enhance Xuzhou ’s cultural status as the central city of the Huaihai Economic Zone.

II. Social benefits of public services are significant

1. Organize fine cultural relics exhibitions. Held the launching ceremony of the “May 18th International Museum Day” series of events in the main venue of Jiangsu in 2018, and simultaneously held the “Special Exhibition of Images and Documents for the 80th Anniversary of the Fall of Xuzhou” and the “Exhibition of Pottery Figures in Xuzhou Museum”. Actively try to establish a curator system, plan to organize and introduce a batch of special exhibitions to meet the diverse spiritual and cultural needs of the public. Since the beginning of this year, the service management has been carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Paid Service for Some Functional Areas of Xuzhou Museum (Trial)". Ten public welfare exhibitions have been held successively, among which, "The Imprint of Honghuang-Liaoxi Paleontological Fossil Coptic Exhibition" attracted the participation of social forces for the first time, the first low-fare fee collection was held for the first time, and the team curation mechanism was adopted for the first time. At the core, a new model of multi-sector collaboration enhances the museum experience of the audience. "Ancient Terracotta Warriors-Special Exhibition of Pottery Figurines in Xuzhou Museum Collection" was announced as one of the six theme exhibition projects of "Promoting Excellent Traditional Culture and Cultivating Socialist Core Values" in Jiangsu Province in 2018; and as a cultural relic in the collection of Jiangsu Province One of the touring exhibition projects has been touring exhibitions in Lianyungang, Zhangjiagang, Yangzhou and other places. Wu Xiaolin, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Culture and director of the Cultural Relics Bureau, gave a high evaluation after the visit.

This year, 6 cultural relics exhibitions were held independently at home and abroad. They were the “Great Han Heroes—Han Dynasty Cultural Relics Exhibition from Liu Bang ’s Hometown” held in Jiaxing Museum, and “The Collection of Ancient and Modern Famous Artists—Dong Yongqing Donated Paintings and Calligraphy Collection in Xuzhou Museum” held at Huai’an Museum. "In the Xi'an Hanjing Diyang Mausoleum Museum," the ancient Peng Yizhen-Xuzhou Han Dynasty tombs and royal tombs unearthed cultural relics special exhibition "(the museum's independent exhibition); held in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum" Xiaohan hometown-Xuzhou Han Dynasty Chu " "Cultural Relics Exhibition" in Wuhan Museum, "Great Han Heroes-Xuzhou Han Dynasty Chu Cultural Relics Exhibition" and provincial tour exhibition "Xuzhou Museum Collection of Ancient Terracotta Figurines"; annual participation in one overseas exhibition, participating in the National Cultural Heritage Exchange Center in the Kingdom of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The "Chinese Treasure" exhibition held by the museum.

2. Do free daily opening. More than 700,000 audiences were received throughout the year, including 220,000 student groups, more than 3,100 explanations, nearly 800 explanations for the audience, and 1600 audio guides. Do a good job in free opening, explanation service, public relations, public satisfaction survey, etc .; continue to make loud and bright "Museum Night" brand cultural benefit activities to attract more public to enter the museum. Continue to launch the "Museum Night" series of cultural activities to benefit the people. On May 18, the Nanjing Museum, Nantong Museum, and Suzhou Museum held a "Dancing One Museum" night event, attracting more than 1,000 spectators to visit the museum at night. 650,000 people.

3. Continue to carry out brand social education activities. Continue to do better and better "Gupeng Quest", "Xubo Forum", "Public Archaeology" and other series of brand education activities, planned and held the "5 · 18 International Museum Day" series of theme activities. In early 2018, the Xuzhou Museum Social Education Leading Group was established to carry out the ten lessons of the "Listening and Writing in the Museum" series, the series of stories behind the cultural relics into the campus, the series of educational activities for the youth in the summer and summer, "myths into reality" and "Chinese daily life" And other series of activities, such as "Prehistoric Earth-Xuzhou Children's Creative Painting Collection Activity", "Liaoxi Ancient Biological Fossil Science Popular Exhibition", "Special Exhibition of Ancient Pottery Figurines Collected by Museum" and other activities. Among them, the "Myth shines into reality" series of courses was rated as one of the top ten youth education cases in Jiangsu Provincial Museum and the top 100 youth education cases in National Museum. Solidly promote the construction of the base. At the end of 2018, it was awarded the "National Practical Education Base for Primary and Secondary School Students" by the Ministry of Education. It has become a unit of moral education with 14 schools and 28 educational organizations. "Xubo Forum" continued to hold more than 10 historical and cultural public welfare lectures. Important lectures included the National Museum researcher Xin Lixiang, "The Infinite Sorrow of Liu He, the Abandoned Emperor of the Western Han Dynasty-The Value and Significance of Archaeological Excavation of Liu He's Tomb", Royal Ontario Museum of Canada Curator Shen Chen "Curatorial, Interpretation and Evaluation" and Researcher Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology Wang Xueli "Time and Space Dialogue of Terracotta Warriors of Qin and Han Dynasties", etc.

4. Cultivate the volunteer service brand and deepen volunteer management. Accelerate the training of Xubo Volunteer Service Brand, undertook Xuzhou Volunteer Service On-site Observation Meeting, the Municipal Civilization Office awarded the museum "Xuzhou Volunteer Service Training School Demonstration Site", and the demonstration leadership and brand influence of Xubo Volunteer Service continued to increase . Deepen the management of the volunteer team, formulate the "Xuzhou Museum Volunteer Management Measures", in addition to carrying out regular volunteer service work, organized a series of volunteer service activities such as entering the community, entering the nursing home, entering the campus, and forming a volunteer Hanfu exhibition team. At present, there are more than 700 registered volunteers. The “Seed of Culture” project won the Silver Award of the 3rd Volunteer Service Exhibition and Exchange Meeting in Jiangsu Province. Outstanding volunteer Hao Xinyao was selected as one of the top ten volunteer stars of the 9th China Museum.

5. Run the second Cultural and Creative Competition well and develop and manage cultural and creative products. Relying on the "Win in Xuzhou-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest" platform, successfully completed the "Win in Xuzhou"-2018 Xuzhou Second Cultural and Creative Product Design Contest, during which the opening ceremony of the contest and the new logo release conference of the Xuzhou Museum were planned and held. "Talking about" "118 Cultural and Creative Market" cultural creative design promotion and display, roadshow bar activities, awards ceremony and closing ceremony of the competition and other activities, launched a batch of local cultural connotations, highlighting local cultural characteristics, with great industrial development potential Cultural and creative works. Develop supporting cultural and creative products in combination with special exhibitions such as "The Imprint of the Flood"-Liaoxi Paleontological Fossil Science Exhibition and cultural relics outreach; Xuzhou Museum's online sales are officially put into operation; the Xuzhou Museum's logo registration is completed, and Xuzhou Wenbo Art Co., Ltd. is limited The company and Wenbozhai carry out trademark design and registration; broaden the diversified and multi-directional sales channels, and it is expected to achieve sales of more than 900,000 yuan throughout the year; more than 100 kinds of unique cultural and creative products will participate in the Shenzhen Cultural Fair, and the provincial and municipal leaders give a high evaluation.

6. Do a good job in consulting services for public works of art. More than 1,732 pieces (sets) of various cultural relics were identified for citizens' duty throughout the year, including more than 1,183 pieces (sets) of physical identification, involving ceramics, bronzes, jade, calligraphy and painting, ancient coins and other categories. Serve the industry wholeheartedly, serve the society, serve the masses, patiently answer the public consultation, give tips and suggestions on the collection and protection of cultural relics, and have been recognized by the general public.

III. Infrastructure construction progressed steadily

1. Steadily promote the upgrading project of the city's urban construction key engineering exhibition hall. The Xuzhou Museum exhibition hall upgrading project was included in the key urban construction project of Xuzhou in 2018. In order to effectively promote the implementation of the project, a leading group for transformation and upgrading and a writing group for the display outline were established. According to the requirements of high starting point positioning, high level construction, and high standard implementation, the whole hall is focused on the city's key urban construction projects. In April, the exhibition design plan was completed and passed the expert group of Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau. The review agreed to the "Design Scheme of Xuzhou Museum Upgrade and Reconstruction Project". Actively dock with the key office of the Municipal Construction Bureau, go through various procedures for upgrading projects, complete the bidding work of the environmental improvement projects of the exhibition hall and organize construction, complete the signing of supporting contracts for agency companies, supervision, audits, etc. Various preparatory work such as bidding, bid evaluation and bidding will be closed for construction at the end of November.

2. Implement the first-phase project of the Wisdom Museum for Private Practice Project. The Xuzhou Museum Wisdom Museum project is planned to be completed in three phases. The first phase of the Wisdom Museum project is included in the 2018 Municipal Private Project. Since the first phase of the Wisdom Museum was launched, it has been implemented steadily as planned. Currently, it has completed the 3D digital scanning and modeling of 20 exquisite cultural relics, the shooting and production of digital exhibition halls, the development of online and offline display systems, and the preparation of implementation plans for digital resource management systems. The "Xuzhou Museum Han Dynasty Cultural Relics Digital Protection Program" was approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, and the "Xuzhou Museum Collection Management Information System Program" was approved by the Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage.

3. Promote the environment improvement project in the pavilion area. Promote the environmental improvement project of the visitor service center, Beiyuan toilet, and Beiyuan basement, prepare and complete the project design and budget for the renovation project of the visitor service center, Beiyuan toilet, and complete the bidding work for the environmental renovation project of the Beiyuan basement and organize the construction. At the same time, it actively docked with Xinsheng Company to ensure the construction quality of Weitianchi Calligraphy Hall, successfully completed all preparatory work before the opening of the hall, successfully completed the opening ceremony, and officially opened on September 28.

IV. Various management tasks are more standardized

1. Improve various management systems. On the basis of the compilation of three systems including the "Compilation of Xuzhou Museum Management System", "Compilation of Party Discipline and Party Regulations", and "Compilation of Laws, Regulations and Policy Documents in the Field of Cultural Relics (Museums)", the management system will continue to be revised and improved in 2018. Three administrative systems, including the Administrative Measures for Museum Archaeological Work (Trial), the Administrative Measures for Collection Collection Work of Xuzhou Museum, and the Administrative Measures for Procurement and Bidding of Xuzhou Museum (Trial), effectively promote the institutionalization and standardization of various works of the museum.

2. Deepen the construction of style. Focus on the party building work, use the party member activity room, equip party member learning materials, implement the "three meetings and one lesson" system, the sub-committee will focus on learning once a month, and organize "Chinese History Jianlian" lectures, "handwriting ——The hard-line calligraphy and writing activities of the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, “Taste the original heart – the activity of copying the diary of a first-person witness of the Communist Party of China”, established the volunteer service team of party members, and conducted primary health care training; The United Youth League branch held the "New Era of Reading-Party Building Books Reading Activity." The United Youth League branch and the trade union launched the "Xuzhou Museum Day" photography activity on May 18 to enable party members to learn during the event, think during the event, and build the party. Activities are more abundant and lively. Since the beginning of this year, the Party branch of the museum has been paired with the first branch of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and New Affairs, the first branch of the Municipal Audit Bureau, the third branch of the Municipal Editing Office, and the party branch of the Municipal Binhu Park Management Office to give full play to the party organizations of both parties. To establish and improve the mechanism of mutual assistance and mutual assistance among grassroots party organizations, and to achieve the goals of joint construction of organizations, cadres ’mutual education, difficulties and mutual assistance, and development and win-win, it has injected new vitality into the promotion of grassroots party style and clean government work. Further tightening work discipline, standardizing work activities such as time and attendance, asking for leave, and going out, the construction of cadres' professional work style in the whole library has achieved a good change.

3. Continue to do a good job in building party style and clean government. Earnestly implement the "one post, two responsibilities", earnestly place the work of party style and clean government in an important position, and carry out synchronously with the business work, interactive progress. Intensify the inspection and feedback rectification and implementation work, study and formulate "Xuzhou Museum Collection Collection Management Method", "Xuzhou Museum Archaeological Work Management Method (Trial)", "Xuzhou Museum Procurement and Bidding Management Method (Trial)", etc., continue to carry out museum learning day activities , Organizing cadres and employees to study legal documents and management systems. Strengthen the dynamic supervision of the construction of the party style and clean government, organize and hold an analysis meeting on the construction of the clean government, analyze and find problems, grasp the overall rectification, and further strengthen the process management of the construction of the party style and clean government, effectively reducing and eliminating the risk points of clean government.

4. Strengthen safety management. Organize the implementation of gas fire extinguishing system transformation, perimeter security system rectification and other projects. Carry out safety inspection self-examination, greet the provincial cultural relics bureau, provincial public security bureau, municipal cultural relics bureau, municipal public security bureau and other special inspections, and carry out the rectification and implementation of inspection problems. Strengthen the training of business ability and complete the post qualification training for the personnel in the monitoring room. Carry out fire safety drills to improve emergency response capabilities.

5. Consolidate the achievements in the creation of civilized cities and strive to create civilized units in provinces and cities. Consolidate the achievements in the creation of civilized cities across the country, create publicity and public welfare cultural activities, and continue to use LED large screens, publicity exhibition boards, websites, WeChat public accounts, etc. to carry out civilized creation publicity work. The level of public services has been greatly improved, and the mental outlook of cadres and staff has been refreshed.

6. Do a good job of comprehensive publicity work. Formulated the "Xuzhou Museum 2018 Information Propaganda Work Plan" and "Xuzhou Museum Information Propaganda Management Regulations (Trial)" to strengthen external publicity. More than 80 pieces of information have been published on national, provincial and municipal government websites such as the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, China Museum Association, China Archaeological Network, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, and Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, including 19 pieces of information published on the website of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the China Museum Association There are 17 pieces of information, 8 pieces of information are published on the website of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, 5 pieces of information are published on the website of the Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, and 26 pieces of information are published on the website of the Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Culture, and Culture. Published more than 60 pieces of information in local news media such as Xuzhou Daily and Metro Morning. Published in the special edition of the "Chinese Cultural Relics News" May 18th International Museum Day. Strengthen self-media platform promotion. In 2018, WeChat platforms and websites edited and released more than 200 pieces of information, and the website published more than 200 pieces of cultural relics information.

Organize shooting and production of Xuzhou Museum image propaganda film. Cooperated with Xuzhou Radio Station to plan and produce the Wenbo Discovery Program "Xuzhou Treasure", which has launched 33 episodes, broadcast simultaneously on five sets of frequencies on Xuzhou Radio Station, and released on new media platforms such as Tencent News, Toutiao, WeChat public account and so on. CCTV Science and Education Channel, American Discovery Channel, Jiangsu Radio and Television, and other domestic and foreign media interviewed and reported on the Xuzhou Museum. In 2018, more than 10 events were reported by CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Xuzhou TV and other TV media.