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Building a Dream of the Future | Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

《Dream the future》Calligraphy and painting exhibition solicitation notice

Culture is an important force for the survival and development of a nation.   In order to cater to art education and promote the all-round development of students, the calligraphy and painting exhibition of "Building a Dream of the Future", jointly sponsored by the Xuzhou Museum Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum Management Center and Xuzhou Dandelion Culture and Art Communication Co., Ltd., will be formally solicited from today.
Xuzhou Museum is a comprehensive museum for the excavation, protection, display, collection and research of historical and cultural relics in Xuzhou City, as a national base for the popularization of excellent humanities and social sciences, a national base for the practical education of primary and secondary school students, and a base for patriotism education in Jiangsu Province and Xuzhou City. The Yutianchi Calligraphy Museum and Zhao Xucheng Art Museum are affiliated to Xuzhou Museum, which are important venues for comprehensive exhibition of calligraphy and painting works, youth calligraphy and painting lectures, and calligraphy and painting art salons.

Subject of solicitationTheme 

The theme of this painting and calligraphy exhibition is "Building a Dream of the Future".

The contents include but are not limited to:《Dream the future》。

The submitted works should conform to the core values of socialism, encourage the authors to boldly innovate and explore on the basis of tradition, have healthy and elegant artistic taste, and show the great achievements of Xuzhou construction and development in the new era.

 Guidance unit

Xuzhou Museum

 Solicitor unit

Weitianchi Calligraphy Museum
Zhao Xucheng Art Museum
Xuzhou Dandelion Culture and Art Communication Co., Ltd

 Exhibition Location

Weitianchi Calligraphy Museum
Zhao Xucheng Art Museum


Maya (consultant)

Director of China Calligraphers Association, member of the Industry Construction Committee of China Calligraphers Association, vice chairman of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, vice chairman of Xuzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and chairman of Xuzhou Calligraphers Association. He is now a professor and master director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Jiangsu Normal University.

Gao Hongxiao (consultant)

Member of China Artists Association, director of Jiangsu Artists Association, national first-class artist, outstanding expert of Xuzhou City, member of Xuzhou CPPCC, and chairman of Xuzhou Artists Association.

Shi Xiaodong (judge)

Member of the Chinese Artists Association, associate professor of the School of Fine Arts of Jiangsu Normal University, and tutor of postgraduate students.

Long Yun (judge)

Member of China Artists Association, director of Xuzhou Artists Association, deputy director of Children's Arts Committee of Xuzhou Artists Association, and member of Jiangsu Flower and Bird Painting Research Association.

Yu Duan (judge)

A native of Tongshan, Jiangsu Province, studied meticulous flower and bird painting in Yu Jigao's studio since childhood. Director of Xuzhou Fine Brush Painting Association and Vice Chairman of Tongshan District Artistic Association.

Yue Kai (judge)

Chairman of Xuzhou Young Artists Association and Director of the Exhibition Department of Xuzhou Museum.

Collection Object

Art lovers aged 4 to 22 who are from Xuzhou or who work, study and live in Xuzhou.


traditional Chinese painting
Hard brush calligraphy and soft brush calligraphy;
Watercolor painting, gouache painting;
Sketches, sketches, cartoons;
Comprehensive material creation, etc.

 Group classification 

Young children group (under 6 years old)
Juvenile group (7-17 years old)
Youth group (18-22 years old)


This notice will be solicited from the date of its publication until April 10, 2023.

Award Setting

Gold, silver, bronze
Xuzhou famous calligraphers and painters will form the evaluation committee of this exhibition and formulate the evaluation rules.
Promptly publish the results after the review.

 Canvas Size

Size requirements: the maximum size of traditional Chinese painting and soft-brush calligraphy works is four feet (136cm * 68cm); There is no requirement for the maximum size of hard-brush calligraphic works (large space is better); The minimum size of gouache, watercolor, sketch, sketch, cartoon, etc. is A3 (297mm * 420mm). It is recommended that the size of 4K (389mm * 546mm) is the best, and the maximum half width (530mm * 760mm).
Please print the Work Registration Form and fill in all the information and paste it on the bottom right corner of the back of the work. During the period of draft solicitation, no change of draft will be handled. Please send the original of your work. The award-winning works will be exhibited at the Yutianchi Calligraphy Museum and Zhao Xucheng Art Museum. (The time and place will be notified separately)

 Previous Display





稿件上报及邮寄地址 Mailing Address

Please fill in the electronic summary application form and check it carefully if you take the studio as the unit.
Mailing address:
1: Weitianchi Calligraphy Museum in West Zhushan Art Street, Zhushan East Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou City. Contact: Mr. Wang +8613236391555
2: 1327, Apartment Building, No. 2, Sanmei International Plaza, Quanshan District, Xuzhou City. Contact: Teacher Li 18012030580
Note: Please indicate on the envelope the "Dream the Future" calligraphy and painting exhibition activity

The Other

1. The sponsor has the right to use the exhibited works;
2. All contributors are deemed to agree with and abide by the provisions of this notice;
3. The right to interpret this solicitation notice belongs to my hometown calligraphy and painting solicitation committee;
4. All contributions shall be submitted with real names. The contributor promises that the work is original and has full intellectual property rights. If the exhibition works involve copyright, portrait rights and other issues, the author shall solve them by himself, and the organizer shall not bear any legal liability.

(Source of the article: Du Bin, editor of the official account of Dandelion Grading Examination Cultural Center)