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Xuzhou Museum was selected into the seventh batch of "China's 20th century architectural heritage" project list

On February 16, the seminar on the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage in the construction of cultural cities and the seventh batch of China's 20th century architectural heritage projects were held in Maoming, Guangzhou. The event introduced 100 "China's 20th Century Architectural Heritage" projects, including Xuzhou Museum.



       The main building of Xuzhou Museum was planned and designed by a team led by Guan Zhaoye, an academician of the CAE Member, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University. The architectural design not only has the image characteristics of traditional museums, but also adds architectural carvings reflecting the historical and cultural characteristics of the Han Dynasty in Xuzhou, thus forming a museum building with distinctive regional characteristics that adapts to the urban geographical and historical environment of Xuzhou. The design won the "Second Prize of Excellent Engineering Design" of the Ministry of Education in 2000. After the completion of construction, the finished building photo of Xuzhou Museum was selected as the cover photo of the journal by China Architecture in that year, which was recognized and praised by all parties. Now the main building of Xuzhou Museum has become an important symbol representing the cultural characteristics of the two Han dynasties in Xuzhou.

Xuzhou Museum will take the opportunity of this selection to continuously publicize and promote the protection concept of the 20th century architectural heritage to the society, make full use of the latest international heritage protection vision, and jointly promote the development of China's 20th century architectural heritage protection in the spirit of cultural confidence and reverence for the classics. (Writer: Zhang Shengnan Reviewed by: Liu Zhaojian Released by: Du Bin)