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[Cultural Construction] What is the Chinese Year in 2023? The New Year activities in the museum are colorful

From the first day to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year in 2023
Xuzhou Museum received a total of 24000 visitors

Xuzhou Museum arranges tourists to enter the museum in an orderly manner through online reservation, time division and batch, and scientific diversion to prevent people from gathering and queuing. During the Spring Festival, the daily passenger flow is limited, and all staff of the open department are on duty every day to ensure that tourists are served in time and celebrate the Spring Festival.


       During the festival, a joint exhibition of the cultural relics (pictures) of the Chinese zodiac in the new year of the Kui Mao Rabbit was held in the leisure yard of Xuzhou Museum, attracting many young people to come to see the exhibition. The exhibition was launched by the China Cultural Relics News and nearly 50 museums across the country. Through the rabbit shaped cultural relics of different times and regions, the cultural essence and value of the time contained in the zodiac cultural relics were widely disseminated, and the vitality and influence of the excellent traditional Chinese culture was constantly enhanced.


       At the same time, the Xuzhou 2023 "Lucky Rabbit Becomes Lucky" Zodiac Creative Design Competition sponsored by Xuzhou Pengcheng School of Painting Research Association, Xuzhou Public Culture Comprehensive Service Center (Xuzhou Academy of Painting and Calligraphy), Xuzhou Museum (Xuzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Xuzhou Museum of Han Dynasty Stone Carvings) and Xuzhou Workers' Cultural Palace also went to Xuzhou Metro Line 1, Line 2, Xuzhou Art Museum and other places for exhibition and tour during the Spring Festival.


The "Exhibition of Painted Terracotta Warriors from the Tomb of the King of Chu in Beidongshan, Xuzhou", held in the calligraphy and painting museum of Mr. Deng Yongqing, Xuzhou Museum, also attracted a large number of visitors. The exhibition is in a novel form, which focuses on the colorful and restoration process of the Han Terracotta Warriors in Xuzhou.



On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Xuzhou Museum invited Liu Zhaojian, the deputy curator and deputy secretary of the museum, to give a keynote speech at the "Xubo Forum". The one-and-a-half hour lecture comprehensively introduced to the public the excavation process, the restoration of the painted pottery figurines and the identification of the tomb owner. The lecture attracted more than 50 cultural relics and history lovers to participate.


On the morning of January 24 (the third day of the Chinese New Year), the Spring Festival youth activity "Gupeng Trace - Drum Beating for the New Year" was held at the Stone Art Museum of the Han Dynasty. The children welcomed the Spring Festival with the sound of drums.


On the morning of January 25 (the fourth day of the Chinese New Year), a special exhibition of the youth activity "The Han Dynasty weapons and ritual shooting experience in the painted terracotta figures of the Northern Cave Mountain" was held in Xuzhou Museum. The children followed the educators and the teachers of Xuzhou Ritual Shooting Association to learn about the weapons of the Western Han Dynasty, and to learn the ritual shooting and pot throwing.


On the eve of the Spring Festival, the second "Weitianchi Calligraphy Museum" Cup Pengcheng Small Calligrapher's Spring Festival Couplet Writing Competition was held in the leisure courtyard and academic lecture hall of Xuzhou Museum. The event was divided into two groups of competitions, soft and hard. After the competition, the expert evaluation committee selected the works and held an award ceremony.


On the eve of the Spring Festival, a cultural and public welfare activity of "welcoming the New Year and giving good luck" was held in the south hall of the Xuzhou Han Dynasty Stone Art Museum. The visitors to the museum were written and presented with Spring Festival couplets and auspicious characters.


During the Spring Festival, our volunteers dedicated their love and carried out various forms of voluntary service activities. The embassy was filled with a festive atmosphere of joy, happiness, civilization and peace.
During the Spring Festival, 12 volunteer lectures will be held. At 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every day, volunteer teachers will give tourists two hours of wonderful volunteer lectures. Our volunteer lectures are very popular. In order to attract small tourists, the teacher will also design some small questions. If the answer is correct, they will send out exquisite postcards of Xu Bo, which won the praise of tourists, Our volunteer teacher, Hao Xinyao, has been reported by many media.



During the festival, our social volunteers and student volunteers also made silent contributions in their respective volunteer positions.

Student volunteers produce promotional color pages for the new exhibition "Chinese style and splendor"


Student volunteers Huang Jiahui, Zhang Xinyue, Qiao Longxu and Qiao Xuyan maintain order in the exhibition hall

Teacher Yu, a social volunteer, patiently answers questions raised by tourists

Student volunteer Miao Luyun is cleaning the research classroom

Volunteer Wang Xinyang worked in the tourist center for five consecutive days to help tourists make reservations。


Volunteers Du Wenxi and Yan Chengmiao are sorting out the voice guide

In the tourist center, volunteer workers are busy answering and solving various questions of tourists.

The volunteers of Xubo, with their practical actions, have carried forward the spirit of volunteerism, promoted the in-depth and healthy development of volunteer service activities, displayed the spirit of all volunteers full of love, transmitted the positive energy of society, and made more people join the volunteer service team.
I wish you all the best in 2023!
(Written by: Du Yihua, Hu Yuan Reviewed by: Huang Yumin Released by: Du Bin)