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Xuzhou Han Dynasty Stone Art Museum

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Zhao Xucheng Art Museum

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Xuzhou Museum Xuzhou Han Dynasty Stone Art Museum

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Article 1 Xuzhou Museum attracts volunteers who love the museum cause and are willing to serve the public in the museum. Article 2 The volunteer workers of the library must meet the following requirements: enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings, willing to use their spare time to serve the public free of charge; Love the cause of cultural relics museums and have basic knowledge of history and culture; Generally with college degree or above; Physical and mental health. Article 3 Acc…
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Xubo Friend

Friends of Xu Bo

Chapter I General ProvisionsArticle 1 The name of this group is "Friends of Xuzhou Museum" (hereinafter referred to as "Friends of Xu Bo").Article 2 Friends of Xu Bo is a non-profit organization voluntarily formed by social individuals and units who are cultural relics, archaeologists and historians, enthusiastic about public welfare, love Xuzhous local history and culture, are willing to exercise their membership rights and fulfill their membership obligations.Article 3 The purpose of Friends of Xu Bo is to strengthen the co…
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