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Han Dynasty City Site in Xuzhou Area
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There are many Han Dynasty cities in the Xuzhou area. However, due to the sway of the Yellow River, the large amount of sediment carried over has completely changed the surface of Xuzhou, and many Han city sites have been buried underground. According to an archeological excavation at the ancient site of Suning Square in Xuzhou District in June 2013, it was confirmed that the living ground of the Han Dynasty was about 11 meters from the current surface.

According to the literature and the archeological data available, there are 10 Han city sites in Xuzhou area. From August 2012 to the end of 2013, Xuzhou Museum conducted archaeological surveys of Han city site resources, and investigated Pengcheng, Shitocheng, Hulingcheng, and Siwucheng. The four sites of the city were explored and tested.


Shihucheng is the best preserved Han Dynasty city site in Xuzhou with a unique structure. The planar shape is an irregular rectangle with an area of about 310,000 square meters. With the exception of the East City Wall, most of the city walls are well preserved, 2-3 meters higher than the surrounding surface, the city walls are 4-10 meters wide, and there are city walls about 40 meters wide outside the city walls. Data from exploration and trial excavations indicate that Shihucheng was built during the Warring States Period and continued to the late Western Han Dynasty.


Located in the district of Xuzhou today, it is the capital of Chu in the Western Han Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty. In 1987, a large number of Han bricks, rope tiles, and five baht were found in the Gupeng underground shopping mall. In 2000, the Han Dynasty ash pit remains and a large number of building materials were found in the International Commercial Building. In 2005, the area of more than 4,000 square meters was found in the second phase of the construction of Jindi Shangdu, which is inferred that it may be the place of the Western Chu Palace and King Chu (Pengcheng King) Palace. In 2009, a new mang coin crypt was found in Tiancheng International Commercial Building on Datong Street, about 1.5 tons. In 2013, during the construction of Suning Square, the eastern wall of Pengcheng, the capital city of the Western Han Dynasty, was found at 9.7 meters from the surface. It is located along the current Pengcheng Road. The clearing length is 190 meters. 

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