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Friends of Xu Bo

Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1 The name of this group is "Friends of Xuzhou Museum" (hereinafter referred to as "Friends of Xu Bo").
Article 2 Friends of Xu Bo is a non-profit organization voluntarily formed by social individuals and units who are cultural relics, archaeologists and historians, enthusiastic about public welfare, love Xuzhou's local history and culture, are willing to exercise their membership rights and fulfill their membership obligations.
Article 3 The purpose of Friends of Xu Bo is to strengthen the communication and interaction between Xuzhou Museum and the public, further realize the function of the museum in serving public education, improve the cohesion and influence of regional cultural development, and promote the development of Xuzhou public welfare cultural undertakings.
Article 4 The Friends of Xu Bo organization accepts the business guidance, supervision and management of the Xuzhou Museum Council and the association registration authority.
Chapter II Business Scope
Article 5 Business scope of the Group:
(1) Organize and contact the public and groups to visit the museum.
(2) Promote the popularization of education and cultural dissemination in museums.
(3) Organize research experts in the library to hold special knowledge lectures.
(4) Organize scholars and members to conduct cultural research and exchange.
(5) Strengthen the connection between the public and the museum.
(6) Improve and improve the service function of Xuzhou Museum and promote the overall service level of the museum.
(7) Actively publicize Xuzhou Museum and expand its social and cultural influence.
Chapter III Classification of Members
Article 6 There are two types of members of the library:
(1) Ordinary members
All the public or organizations who care about museums, love museums, and are committed to promoting the development of museums can apply to become ordinary members of Friends of Xu Bo.
(2) VIP member
The public meeting one of the following conditions can apply to become a VIP member of Friends of Xu Bo:
1. Social personages who have made positive contributions to the local economic construction and social and cultural development, and are enthusiastic about charitable and public welfare undertakings;
2. Social personages who support the development of cultural undertakings and are enthusiastic about providing various donations to the museum;
3. Social personages who actively promote cultural dissemination and actively publicize the museum and its culture through various media;
4. Excellent volunteers who volunteer for the audience throughout the year;
5. Scholars and experts in history, archaeology, cultural relics protection, etc.
Chapter IV Rights and Obligations of Members
Article 7 Membership rights and interests
(1) Invited to participate in a series of activities of Friends of Xu Bo;
(2) You can get the latest temporary exhibition information of the museum in advance and enjoy the reservation service;
(3) Put forward ideas and reform plans for the development of museum cause;
(4) Get a gift of exquisite prints from the museum.
(5) Books, posters and souvenirs for temporary exhibitions;
(6) Invited to participate in major activities of the museum, including the annual meeting and various opening and closing ceremonies;
(7) Invited to attend lectures of celebrities and scholars or various academic seminars;
(8) Invited to visit important cultural relics.
Article 8 Members shall perform the following obligations:
(1) In accordance with the resolutions of the "Friends of the Museum", conscientiously complete the work assigned by the "Friends of the Museum" and actively safeguard the rights and interests of the group.
(2) Actively participate in and support the activities organized by the Association.
(3) Actively introduce or organize visitors to visit the museum.
(4) Actively publicize the museum.
(5) Supervise the activities of Friends of Xu Bo and all the spectator services of the museum and put forward constructive suggestions.
Chapter V Member Management
Article 9 Membership procedures
(1) Members of Friends of Xu Bo are subject to real-name registration. After understanding and agreeing with the "rights and obligations of members of Friends of Xu Bo", please submit an application form for membership to the library with ID card and other relevant valid identity documents.
(2) The application form should be collected at the information desk of Xuzhou Museum.
(3) After completing the application form, it must be submitted to the Xuzhou Museum Office.
(4) The membership certificate issued by the museum and the relevant membership rights and obligations, the rules and regulations of the "Friends of the Museum" organization, the event arrangement process and other information.
Chapter VI Organization
Article 10 The highest authority of this group is the "Friends of Museums" member congress. The functions and powers of the member congress are:
(1) Formulate and amend the Articles of Association;
(2) Elect and remove the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General;
(3) Decide on termination.
Article 11 The chairman of the group shall exercise the following powers:
(1) Convene and preside over the general meeting of members' representatives;
(2) Check the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly of Members;
(3) Sign relevant important documents on behalf of the Group.
Article 12 The Secretary General of the Group shall exercise the following powers:
(1) Preside over the daily work of the office and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;
(2) Coordinate the work of all branches, representative offices and entities.
Chapter VII Amendment Procedure of the Articles of Association
Article 13 Amendments to the Articles of Association of the Group shall be approved by the vote of the general meeting.
Article 14 The amended articles of association of the Group shall take effect after being reviewed and approved by the competent business unit within 15 days after the adoption of the general meeting of the members, and submitted to the association registration authority for approval.
Chapter VIII Termination Procedure and Disposal of Property after Termination
Article 15 If the Group completes its purpose or dissolves itself or needs to be cancelled due to division, merger and other reasons, the competent business department shall propose a motion for termination to the Board of Directors, which shall be approved by the General Assembly of Members and reported to the competent business unit for review and approval.
Article 16 The association shall be terminated upon the cancellation of registration by the association registration administration authority. The remaining property after termination shall be used to develop the cause related to the purpose of the group under the supervision of the competent business unit and the registration and administration authority of the association in accordance with the relevant national regulations.
Chapter IX Supplementary Provisions
Article 17 The Articles of Association were adopted by the General Meeting of Member Representatives on May 18, 2016.
Article 18 The right to interpret the Articles of Association belongs to the friend of Xu Bo.