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Volunteer service

Article 1 Xuzhou Museum attracts volunteers who love the museum cause and are willing to serve the public in the museum.

Article 2 The volunteer workers of the library must meet the following requirements: enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings, willing to use their spare time to serve the public free of charge; Love the cause of cultural relics museums and have basic knowledge of history and culture; Generally with college degree or above; Physical and mental health.

Article 3 According to the needs of the work, the library directly or through the recommendation of the relevant units and social organizations to recruit volunteer workers; Volunteers can also be recruited through announcements, media publicity and other forms. Applicants must pass the examination of the library.

Article 4 The minimum working period of volunteer workers in the library is generally two years, which is calculated from the date of admission. Those who have excellent work can be extended after their application and approval, and the number of extensions is unlimited. Volunteer workers can also declare to discontinue voluntary work at any time according to their wishes.

Article 5 Volunteer workers shall record the situation of each activity and be confirmed by the library as the basis for assessment.

Article 6 The working hours shall be determined by the volunteer office and the volunteer themselves through consultation. Generally, the working hours shall be no less than 3 hours once a week.

Article 7 The Museum will distribute volunteer vests to volunteer workers, who must wear them when working.

Article 8 The volunteer workers of the library shall accept the guidance of the relevant departments of the library, and the full-time staff of the department shall be responsible for the contact with the volunteer workers.

Article 9 In the service activities of the library, volunteer workers must use Mandarin and standard language, pay attention to courtesy, and be dignified and generous.

Article 10 Volunteers engaged in the work of education popularization in this museum must participate in the professional training of this museum, master the general knowledge of cultural relics museums, as well as the general theories and methods related to museum education.

Article 11 The museum provides volunteers with: use the business books and learning materials provided by Xuzhou Museum; Free visit to all the exhibits in the museum; Invited to participate in lectures and research activities held by the library; Those who volunteer all day are entitled to work meals.

Article 12 Those with excellent performance and associations will be commended at the end of the year.

Article 13 If the performance is negative and affects workers, the library will urge them to withdraw from the ranks of volunteer workers; If the performance is inconsistent with the status of volunteer workers and damages the image of the library, the library will dismiss.