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Exquisite Jade of Han Dynasty —— Jade Exhibition


      Han dynasty was the peak period of China's ancient jade development. Han jade was famous for its exquisite workmanship. In Han dynasty, Chu kingdom (Pengcheng) was famous for its developed jade industry. In recent years, a large amount of Han jade has been unearthed in Xuzhou Han tombs, which represent the highest level of jade material and jade processing technology in Han dynasty, from the magnificent jade clothing to the jade coffin.

      “Exquisite Jade of Han Dynasty —— Jade Exhibition” is the key basic exhibition of Xuzhou museum. The exhibition hall covers an area of 800 square meters and 320 meters. There are 318 sets of Han jade treasures. The exhibition is divided into four units.


      The photo wall of the preface hall of the jade hall is designed by enlarging pattern of the graphics of important exhibits, which gives people a visual impact and highlight the theme. The exhibition hall has a large space, and the jade coffin and jade clothes displayed in the middle of the exhibition hall, which creates a mysterious and ethereal feeling. The special exhibition cultural relics is displayed in the independent exhibition cabinet according to 4 units. Through the color and light, the exquisite Han jade is shining against the atmosphere, which makes the audience express sincere praise. 

Part1 Jade for Etiquette

      Ritual jade is mainly used for ritual activities such as sacrifices, ceremonies, meetings and funerals. The use of ritual jade in Han dynasty continued the tradition of Zhou dynasty. The key exhibits of this unit are jade dagger, dragon jade ornaments, etc.

      Part2 Jade for Funeral

      Funeral jade is made to protect the body. Han dynasty was the most complete and prosperous period of China's funeral jade.In Han dynasty, people believed that the body could be prevented from decaying by covering the body with jade articles. In Han dynasty, funeral jade mainly includes jade coffin, jade clothes, jade mask, jade pillow and so on. The jade suit unearthed from the West Han tomb of the king of Chu in Shizishan in 1995 is the earliest jade suit ever found, with the most jade pieces, the best jade quality and the most refined craftsmanship. In the center of the exhibition hall is jade coffins   unearthed from the tomb of the king of Chu in Shizishan. The jade coffin is made up of the body and the cover, whose body is painted with wood and it has been decayed. The restored jade coffin is 280cm long, 110cm wide and 107cm high. It uses 2095 jade pieces, which forms a magnificent pattern.

Part3 Jade for Decoration

      It mainly exhibit the jade ornaments, including S-shaped jade dragon, cicada-shaped jade, jade sword, etc.

Part4 Jade for Daily life

      It exhibit a complete set of wine wrappers, cups, boxes, belt hooks, tube ware and seals. In 1995, a group of jade wine utensils unearthed from the tomb of king Chu in Shizishan was composed of two high foot cups and ear cups whose shape and texture are different,but both luxurious and exquisite.