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Gold Daggers and Iron Horses —— Ancient Weapon Exhibition


      Weapons are tools to safeguard human survival interests, which is along with the whole course of war. Since ancient times, Xuzhou has been a vital place for soldiers to fight for. The corroded copper and iron weapons remind people of the bloody and brutal war, the heavy and strong armor and iron make people feel the vigor and fierceness of the soldiers, and the artillery that attacked the city in Ming and Qing dynasty seems to make people go back to the war era which was filled with smoke.

A large number of weapons unearthed from Xuzhou can compose into a war history of blood and fire.


      Part1 Weapons from ShangZhou Dynasty to Qin Dynasty

From the later period of primitive society to Shang and Zhou dynasties, a number of countries gradually came into being. Low productivity makes the countries to fight for the limited resources through starting frequent competition,so weapons becomes increasingly important. The production of Bronze weapons reached their peak, and dagger, sword, spear,bow and arrow became the regular and standard weapons. Iron weapons initially appeared and more powerful and more lethal crossbows also began to appear.

      Part 2 Weapons of Han Dynasty

      During Han dynasty, Xuzhou belonged to the prominent Liu family. In the early Han dynasty, the army of Chu kingdom was very powerful. King of Chu, Liu wu, and king of Wu, Liu bi, jointly initiated the "rebellion of the seven kingdoms".

The seals of the Chu army, weapons of attack and defense such as knives, swords and spears unearthed from many Han dynasty tombs, the image information of fighting and war in the stone statues, as well as the terracotta army group and terracotta army array, all reflect the military profile of Xuzhou in Han dynasty.

      Part3 Weapons of Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasty

      After West Jin dynasty, the territory was split for several times. The north and south confrontation resulted in numerous war disasters. Xuzhou became a vital place for the north and the south. In this period, armed cavalry gradually became the dominant force. However, the emergence of firearms in the early years of North Song dynasty partially offset the advantages of cavalry, and also marked the arrival of the era of combining firearms and cold weapons.

      Part4 Weapons of Ming and Qing Dynasty

      In the Ming dynasty, Xuzhou was one of the relay centers of the north and south,and the hub of the canal transportation. During the reign of Hongwu in Ming dynasty, Xuzhou was rebuilt with bricks and stones, and at the same time Xuzhou troops were successively set up. A large number of cannons were found in the ruins of Datong street.

In Qing dynasty, Taiping army and Nian army were active in the area around Xuzhou. For defense, they built more earth cities outside the old city, damming the earth cities on the north bank of the Yellow River, and rushed to make or introduce a large number of firearms, but their functions are far behind the western ones, which indicates that being left behind will be beaten.

Weapons are the epitome of war and the memory of human history. The severe damage to human society caused by war is the grievous trauma and nightmare of human life.