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Invitation exhibition of Famous Calligraphers and Painters in Huaihai

      Sponsors: Publicity Department of Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, China painting and calligraphy press, Xuzhou Bureau of culture, radio, film and television, Xuzhou Federation of literature and art, Xuzhou Federation of Social Sciences

      Organizer: Xuzhou Museum, people's Government of Liguo Town, Tongshan District, Subei painting and calligraphy group

      Media support: CCTV painting and calligraphy channel, China Radio and television network, China Artists network, China painting and calligraphy daily, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Yangtze Evening News, Xuzhou daily, Pengcheng Evening News

      Opening time: 10:18 am, August 12, 2017

      Exhibition place: Xu Peichen Art Museum, Xuzhou Museum


      As time goes by, the silk road has gone through great changes. As time goes by, Huaihai Economic Zone ushers in new opportunities!

      In order to celebrate the State Council's approval of Xuzhou's "construction of central city of Huaihai Economic Zone" and the establishment of Huaihai Art Center of China painting and calligraphy daily, the "China Huaihai Painting and Calligraphy Masters Invitation Exhibition" was specially held. Experience Qin and Tang culture in Xi'an, Ming and Qing culture in Beijing and the culture of Han Dynasty in Xuzhou. Huanghe culture, Qilu culture and Jingchu culture meet in Gupeng. They nurtured a large number of famous calligraphers and painters who influenced the history of Chinese fine arts, including Zhang Boying, Wang Ziyun, Liu Kaiqu, Wang Zhaomin, Li Keran, Zhu Dan, Wang Qingfang, Zhu Dequn. They absorbed and integrated the essence of various cultures and formed a large cultural system with Han culture as the matrix, Han culture as the main body and Chinese culture as the carrier. At the same time, it injects vitality into the Chinese painting and calligraphy with profound connotation and long philosophical charm!

      The history of a country is the soul of a country; the culture of one side is the spirit of one side! Xuzhou has a splendid and diverse culture, a profound history and a vast number of cultural relics! Thick and complex historical sites, beautiful natural scenery and modern city style complement each other. It has formed a unique city style, which is full of distinct personality, just like a bright star hanging in the sky.

      Seize the opportunity of ‘one belt, one road’, and the strategic vision of the Huaihai central city will create new opportunities for the realization of the Chinese dream.

      Today, the establishment of Huaihai Art Center, which is the invitation exhibition of famous calligraphers and painters in Huaihai and the guide of China painting and calligraphy, will lay a foundation for the promotion of calligraphers and painters in Huaihai Economic Zone, and will certainly write a heavy stroke in the magnificent picture of the Chinese dream! Leave a magnificent chapter!

      Invited artists: he Jingzhi, sun Xiaoyun, Xu Peichen, he Tianfei, Xiao Suhong, Zhu Peiliang

Participating artists: he Hucheng, Zhang Hongjian, Zhang Daguang, Zhang Qiang, Wang Guiqi, Wang Zhaopu, Tian Chuanying, Ma Qingxian, Wang Enyuan, Liu ShiShun, Li Jizhong, Li Feng, Wang Zhenqin, Li Jincheng, Zhu Siqian, Xu Lei