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Call of Pengcheng--- Gong Piyan Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition

      Opening time: 10:00 am, August 26, 2017

      Exhibition time: August 26 - September 3, 2017

      Exhibition place: Exhibition Hall of Xu Peichen Art Museum in Xuzhou Museum

      Sponsors: Xuzhou Academy of calligraphy and painting, Xuzhou Artists Association, Tai'an literature and art

      Association of artists of Tai'an City

      Organizer: Xuzhou Mogao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Museum

      Co organizers: Haitian bookstore, Daizong academy, Shandong Diantai, Yilong jade, Mingyang building materials, Chengshu Electric Power Group


      Born in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, Gong Piyan is the national first-class artist. Member of China Artists Association, honorary president of Shandong Academy of traditional Chinese painting, vice president of Shandong Taishan Academy of traditional Chinese painting. He is a member of China printmaker Association, a special painter of China Academy of painting, director and Deputy Secretary General of the 4th Shandong Artists Association, and chairman of the 2nd Taian Artists Association.
      In 2007, he was awarded the title of "the most marketable brand calligrapher and painter in South China" by the brand Committee of South China; in 2008, he was awarded the title of "2008 painting figure of the year" by the China painting and calligraphy newspaper; in 2010, he was awarded the title of "30 contemporary most academic value and market potential flower and bird painters"; in 2014, he was awarded the title of "top 10 person of the year". His works have been selected into domestic and international art exhibitions for many times, and many large-scale collections of paintings have been published.


      The art of flower and bird painting by Mr. Gong Piyan
By Shi Han
In the contemporary Chinese painting world, Mr. Gong Piyan is a deeply influential flower and bird painter, especially the rooster in his works, which has won him a wide reputation at home and abroad.
Rooster has five virtues of "culture, martial arts, bravery, righteousness and faith", just like "gentleman", which has been the painter's favorite subject for thousands of years. Li Di in Song Dynasty, Shen Zhou in Ming Dynasty, Bada Shanren in Qing Dynasty, Ren Bonian, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou, Li kuchan, Xu Beihong, Xiao Lang, Chen Dayu and others have all left immortal masterpieces. The reason why painted roosters, especially the freehand painted roosters has become the constant love of painters from all ages, I think that the "gentleman's style" of roosters is one of the original reasons. There is also the roosters modeling which integrates the ink techniques of Chinese freehand painting, such as hook, chapped, dot, dye, pick, wipe and mention, press, turn, fold, fly white, point poke and other ink vocabulary, which can be covered, so to speak, it is no less than plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. Once mastered, painters can fully demonstrate the meaning of ink, release their free spirit in their hearts, place their hopes on life, or perch in their hearts. Yes, it can be enjoyed, observed, grouped and resented. Mr. Gong Piyan loves painted roosters, which endows him with happiness, anger and sorrow, making them the carrier of empathy and happiness. Only if this is the case, can the painter love his whole life, and only in this way, can the spirit of the rooster in his works be fashionable, full of emotion and free craftsmanship come out frequently. The image of  rooster in Mr. Piyan's works is simple and vivid; the style is elegant and poetic. In particular, the description of feathers, beaks and claws makes the spirit of the rooster appear on the paper, which is impressive. The reason why his rooster paintings are favored by many collectors is right here.
Mr. Gong Piyan's flower and bird paintings generally present a fresh and bright style. It is the main purpose of Mr. Piyan to find his own way not to fall into the pattern of his predecessors but also to have different disadvantages. He intended to use the cursive calligraphy to build his brush and ink structure, and to create his brush and ink context. Therefore, the painting is free and easy, bold and straightforward, and a breath of nature is rising. Looking at his works, you can feel bright, meaningful, lively and vital, which makes you feel healthy and peaceful.
Mr. Gong Piyan's brush and ink cultivation is relatively comprehensive, so his artistic conception and atmosphere of flower and bird painting are always so mysterious, open, profound and secluded. In particular, the large-scale rendering makes people feel extremely enchanted. There is a kind of natural sound of muddy and strange, which makes the audience fascinated. It fully embodies Mr. Piyan's great stride and creativity in mastering brush and ink and managing artistic conception.
Mr. Piyan has surpassed 60 years old, but his spirit is more refreshing, just like the rooster in his works and his heroism is not less than that of a young man. At that time, Qi Baishi began to decline and reform at that age, and then began to establish a school. Mr. Piyan is in the golden age. He is rich in spirit and heroic. He can have further achievement and a new brilliance. We sincerely wish Mr. Piyan that he will never grow old and stay young forever. He will make great achievements in the morning breeze of rejuvenating the country through culture.